Racing Park

This park plan concept, created on commission, is a regional scale theme park resort that celebrates the culture and history of racing. Supplied with a site, a concept, and general ideas on an attraction mix by the client, I first developed a site layout master plan and created a program for the elements of the resort and park. I then developed the final concept master plan shown above, for use in generating interest in the potential uses of the site.

The resort area includes a retail and entertainment zone, an 8 land coaster focused theme park, a boutique hotel at the park entrance, an off-site public museum complex, a 5 story parking deck that serves the park and retail zone, a back of house area, and a supplemental transportation area with bus and ride share lots.

The retail and entertainment zone at the entrance to the development is meant to be a year round activity node for the region. It would also act as the entrance and exit land to the park since it is the only circulation path between the parking deck and the theme park. Entertainment program elements include a highly immersive VR racing experience, a concert venue, an indoor go-karts track, a modern arcade, and a free shuttle bus to the secondary museum location. The area also includes retail, restaurants, and a food hall. The main intersecting streets of the zone are covered with a glass arcade, and connect the event plaza on the east side to the park entrance plaza on the west side.

The hotel is located on the park entrance plaza. It includes a modern atrium lobby, an elevated pool deck, a private valet parking deck to the west of the building, and a direct entrance into the park.

The theme park is divided into 8 different lands that focus on different elements and settings of racing. They were selected to intentionally create a variety of settings and styles to the lands, to give thematic diversity to the park.

Starting at the entrance of the park, the first and central land is the Winner’s Circle. Forming the border of this land are the tracks of a coaster than follows the plan of a racing track loop. The attractions of this land include a top hat launch coaster, a outdoor theater, retail and dining, and a an icon observation tower that is designed to resemble a racing scoring pylon.

Starting to the south of the entrance land, the next land is the Factory Floor, which focuses on the creation of high performance race vehicles. The attractions include a factory tour trackless dark ride, a pendulum swing attraction, and a specialty build-a-car retail experience.

Following west from that land is the Training Grounds, where racers and pit crews of the future train for the pros. The biggest attraction is a pit stop shooting dark ride, using physical effects and digital screens to let trainees attempt to fix a variety of cars as quickly as possible. Other attractions include an autopia that weaves around the above the land, a spinner, a kids coaster, and bumper cars, plus a pit stop café dining location.

Next is part of a two part land that celebrates any kind of racing that doesn’t take place on a road. This area is Desert Track and is themed as a sandy off-roading course in a desert valley. The main attraction is a family spinning coaster than runs up and down through the rocky landscape. There also is a small water flat ride and a dining location in this area.

Continuing the loop, the other part of the off road land is the Airfield and is all about racing in the sky in any form. This land has multiple feature attractions, including a 250′ tall starflyer chain swing, a skyfly ride, a circumotion theater that puts guests right in the center of a fast paced race, and two coasters. The coasters are a skyrocket looping coaster and a suspended coaster that sends guests through a course of target rings high in the sky.

At the far west of the park is a large land called World Tour, themed to racing around the world. It is formed of 3 mini-area: Tokyo, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. Tokyo, entered from Desert Track, includes a large street racing EMV dark ride and a dining location. Paris, at the far rear of the land, is themed as a racing exhibition festival and includes a motorcycle coaster, a stunt show, a teacups spinner, and a ferris wheel. Rio de Janeiro, entered from the Airfield, is home to the Grand Prix and includes a Grand Prix theme indoor coaster and a dining location.

Back to the east of the Airfield, the next land is Race Day and is home to the feature coasters of the park. The first is a hyper coaster that runs along the full length of the north edge of the property, making it among the longest in the world. The second is a 3 track racing coaster that weaves through the center of the park, forming that edge of the Winner’s Circle land. Other attractions include a carousel with race car vehicles, a Disk-O flat ride, a trio of drop towers, and a dining location that overlooks the start line launch of the racing coaster.

The land land is a water park, called Pit Stop Point. It features multiple types of water attractions and a dining location. Attractions include one tower with 4 single tube slides, another tower with 2 group tube slides, a racing mat slide track, a kids play area, and a fast rive that circles the land.

The off-site museum component acts as another land to the park, though one that is separately accessed and ticketed. It includes a shuttle bus stop from the main resort site and a parking deck for guests traveling there directly. The complex includes a modern and interactive museum, a 4d movie, a racing simulator, and a dining location. The site also includes offices and supplemental parking.

The park plan was created in SketchUp, Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator.